Our Vision: 2020 Levy

Exterior of Wright Library

A vision for the future, rooted in tradition

Wright Memorial Public Library, now celebrating its 80th anniversary, is one of the most-used libraries in America. Awarded a coveted 4-Star rating by Library Journal in 2018 and attracting 150,000 visitors per year, Wright Library’s usage ranks in the top 1% nationally compared to other libraries of similar size. 

While there is ever-higher demand for local library resources and materials that are accessible to all, technology to meet the needs of today’s workplace, educational programming, and highly trained staff – Wright Library operates today with less annual revenue than it received in 2009. 

In the Ohio Primary Election, Oakwood voters will vote upon a 1.5 mill levy will provide Wright Library with needed funds of approximately $475,000 per year to continue offering quality materials, services, staff, and programs.

UPDATE: The Ohio General Assembly has put in place a plan that will allow all Ohioans to continue voting by mail until April 28. Learn more about how to vote if you have not voted yet. 



Funding priorities

Levy funds will be used for operations as well as essential infrastructure repairs and replacements and some modest updates, phased over time without increasing the building’s footprint, which would improve comfort and usability for Oakwood’s library users. These operating and facility priorities include: 

•    Ample materials in multiple formats to meet the needs of different types of learners and users
•    Quality, well-trained staff 
•    Early literacy programs and outreach with local preschools, Oakwood City Schools, and private schools
•    Book deliveries and other services for homebound, elderly, and disabled residents
•    Technology tools for today and tomorrow’s workforce and personal needs
•    Repairs and upgrades to the library’s infrastructure
•    Improvements in accessibility, with ADA and family-friendly restrooms, updated walkways, and parking
•    Modest improvements to usability and comfort of the building, including updated spaces for children, teens, and technology 
•    Efficiency upgrades that will reduce operating costs 


A Community Conversation

Dayton Daily News article about us
Dayton Daily News article, Jan. 17, 2020

The Library Board, administration, and staff are committed to providing high quality, affordable library services and safeguarding this Oakwood legacy for generations to come. The levy will ensure continuity of exceptional services, take care of essential facility repairs, and allow for modest updates that will better serve today and tomorrow’s users.

Read on to learn more about our stewardship, history, and building needs. We welcome your questions; please contact Kristi Hale, Director, at hale@wrightlibrary.org or 937-250-6824. You can also subscribe for updates.

Our operating needs

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