Renew your account

An expired card means:

  • the account is temporarily blocked from use.
  • patrons must contact the library to reactivate their card.
  • some patrons may need to provide documentation to renew.

My library card expires?

To help us ensure up-to-date patron records, Wright Library cards periodically expire. This policy was implemented Sept. 2022

Expired cards are not suddenly deleted; we only delete accounts which have had no activity for 3 years, if they have no outstanding items or fines.


Standard library card renewals

How do I renew?

To renew your card, simply contact the library to verify your contact information. If nothing has changed, we will immediately renew your account. 

You can contact the library to renew:

  • by replying to the automated email reminder, sent 30 days before your expiration date
  • by visiting in person (photo ID may be required)
  • by calling 937-294-7171

To ensure your personal identity information is secure, changes to contact information cannot be made over the phone. Making changes in person may require a photo ID. 

Phone number/email changes

 If your phone number or email address has changed, it can be updated by:

  • replying to the automated email reminder, sent 30 days before your expiration date
  • visiting in person with photo ID
  • logging into your account and updating your information under Contact Information and Preferences

Address changes

If your address has changed, you'll need to provide proof of address to fully renew. If you can't provide proof of address right away, as a one time courtesy we can extend your expiration another 30 days from the date you provide us with the new address. Proof of address can be presented in person or via email. (Contact the library about how to validate your address via email.)

Other changes

Mobile phone carrier - If you have requested text message notifications about your library account, we may also confirm your mobile carrier, which must be up-to-date in order for us to send text notifications.

Designated borrowers - If you have added designated borrowers to your account to give others access to your library account, we may ask if these names are still current. Adding or changing designated borrowers always requires the cardholder to be present with photo ID.


Special card renewals

Special card types such as Teacher cards or eCards have additional renewal requirements. Contact the library for more information. 


Card Type  Expires  Required to Renew
Standard Cards for Ohio residents Every 3 years Confirm contact info
- If address has changed, proof of address is needed
Teacher Card Annually (June 15) Proof of educator status (ex. recent pay stub, faculty ID showing current school year, etc.)
Standard Cards for:
- temporary Ohio residents
- out-of-state residents employed in Ohio
Annually Proof of current Ohio employment/temporary residency
Confirm additional contact info
eCards for Ohio residents Every 3 years Confirm current Ohio residency
eCards for out-of-state residents Annually Fee - details coming soon